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Telecommunication is playing a big role in connecting the billions of people around the world. It is leading these days and we know the value of industry works and economy, we offer the well equipped training, which is designed as per the requirement of current industry. At Chandigarh Trainings, trainees will be able to learn the complete knowledge, which is essential for the future establishment. The training duration has been offered in 6 months and 6 weeks programs, where candidate will be trained by our well expert and professional faculty. With expanding the telecommunication industry, it also brings the scope of vacancy in reputed companies.

The curriculum for the training program are given below:

-Introduction to Telecommunication and Communication
-Types of Telecommunication
-Advantages & Disadvantages of Telecommunication
-Requirements of Hardware & Software for Telecommunication
-Working of Telecommunication
-Wired & Wireless communication and their types
-Types of Media
-Types of cables used (Copper cable, Coaxial cable and Fiber Optical)
-IPv6 and IPv4
-Types of protocols

Types of technologies used in telecommunication which are taught by us:

-1G, 2G (GSM, CDMA, GPRS, GPS,) 3G, 4G, 5G
-Work and Security of Mobile Devices
-Types of Antennas
-Other Technologies Satellite, Zigbee, TETRA, ATM

Wireless Technologies:

-Wi-Fi & WiMAX
-Ad-hoc Network
-Point to Multipoint and Multi point to Multi point
-MAC Restriction and other security policies
-Administration utilities
-Backup and Restore Wireless router
-Modem configuring and security

Wired Technologies:

-Ethernet,Broadband,Lease Line, Frame- Relay
-Secure Communication
-IP-sec, Firewall, Authentication and SSL

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