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Iphone, a brand in the telecommunication sphere which has taken up the technological World. Also, it is the most talked about brand. You will be surprised, that Apple is the leading one in innovation since its launch and has also the most popular operating system, IOS. Moreover, if we talk about Apple's biggest rival Android has been trying to catch up with its standards, even after so many launches. But, it has not gained success as Apple has gained. With this, a huge transformation has taken place & also the way of communication among the people.With this popularity, many professionals and experts got curious upon joining training in i-Phone and exploring the ideas behind this platform. With such a response from the students, Chandigarh Trainings came up with the training in i-Phone development.

Why To Choose us For Training?

Our training programs are based onthe interactive learning techniques under which students are made to learn underthe guidance of the experts. Each student of our is made familiar with the technology by teaching them from the scratch with a systematic approach. As, we have already gained accolades in the field of iPhone development, so we have a team of professional developers and expert trainers that help students in making their skills even more sharper as per the demands of the current industry.

Duration of Course

4 weeks
6 weeks
6 months


Introduction to MAC

Intriduction to Objective C : Objective-C is a simple object oriented language used to develop MAC/iPhone Applications. This will give you a head start into iPhone application development. You will learn classes, protocols, properties, memory management, message passing, and foundation classes.

Introduction to X-code : X-code is the preferred IDE to develop iPhone applications. You will learn how to build and run programs and different features available in X-code like debugging, console, etc.

Introduction to interface builder : It’s a visual tool to design User Interface. You will learn how to design user interfaces and use available controls like button, text view, text field, slider, etc.

Views and controllers : Views represent the user interface of your application, and all the dynamic aspects of a view are handled by a view controller. View controllers are the hub of the model-view-controller (MVC) design. You’ll learn how to design views and wire them up to view controllers with outlets and actions.

Navigation and tab bar controllers : All the applications have one or other kind of navigation. Here you will learn about the most used view controller in most iPhone application i.e. the navigation and tab bar controllers.

Programmatic Interface creation : Interfaces can be created using Interface Builder as well as programmatically. Here you will learn about how to create interfaces without interface builder.

Deploy applications on iPhone : You will learn how to deploy applications on iPhone simulator and iPhone/iPod devices.Learn how to integrate your application with Photos, Maps, Mail, and other iPhone apps and services.

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