.Net Development

Microsoft developed the .NET as one of the most popular programming language, which is the most preferred language at today time. The developers can develop the solutions that complement the unique business requirements of enterprises throughout the world by using the powerful programming model and extensive API set. It enables one to create window application, web application, enterprise, mobile applications and desktop including the visually appealing features.

In keeping the benefits of .NET for the users, it is expected that soon it will become future for the development of various other platforms along with windows. If an individual is seeking to become a .NET pro, it is a good opportunity for the better future establishment in the software industry.

At Chandigarh Trainings, We are helping to grow your career by providing you world-class .NET development training. Nowadays, the competition in IT Industry is growing day by day. In order to prove yourself better, need to get high level training. As one of the best training companies in Mohali and Chandigarh, we have the professional trainers to enhance the skills of the trainees in relevant training course. Anyone, who has good knowledge of logical skills, analytical skills, programming language, problem solving skills and keen interest can join the training.

Under Our .NET Development Course, We focus on covering the following modules from the basics
  • 1. VB.NET
  • 2. C#.NET
  • 3. ASP.NET
  • 4. ADO.NET

Program Duration

6 months

.NET Development Training Objectives
  • deliver the in-dept knowledge of VB, C#, ASP.NET language features. Explanation on the main concepts behind Common Language Runtime (CLR) and its features, which are used to describe
  • Learning Object Oriented Programming concepts. creating classes, interfaces and other functionality to develop business oriented applications.
  • Developing database intensive applications using ADO.NET.
  • Developing dynamic applications using ASP.NET.
  • Understanding various State management techniques like Cookies and Sessions.
  • Developing applications using N-Tier system.

    I Introduction to .Net:

  • Net Introduction framework 4.0
  • Common Language Runtime(CLR)
  • Framework class library(FCL)
  • Architecture of .NET
  • Object oriented features
  • JAVA v/s .NET

    V VC#.NET (Console Application Development):

  • Introduction to VC#.NET
  • Programming Logics
  • Exception handling
  • Abstract class
  • Sealed class & Interface
  • Properties & Indexers
  • Collection
  • File Operation
  • I/O Operation
  • Multithreading

    C Console Application Development using ADO.NET:

  • Introduction to Database
  • Database Concept
  • Data Access with MS Access
  • Data Access with LINQ
  • Data Access with MS SQL Server 2005/2008

    W Window Application Development:

  • Window Form
  • Menus and toolbars
  • Dialog Boxes
  • Window forms Control
  • MDI Forms
  • Custom Control
  • Validation in Window form
  • Setup and Deployment
  • Crystal Report

    W Web Application Development:

  • Introduction to ASP.NET
  • HTML
  • DHTML (CSS, Java Script)
  • Page Life Cycle
  • Asp.Net Validating User inputs
  • Master Pages
  • Website Structure

    AASP.NET Web Page Control:

  • Standard Controls
  • Validation Controls
  • Data Controls
  • User Controls

    A ASP.NET Advanced Concepts:

  • Site Navigation
  • Client based side state management
  • State Management
  • Server based side state management
  • Securing ASP.NET Web Sites
  • Adding client capabilities & AJAX
  • Web Services
  • Jquery
  • LINQ
  • ASP.Net in MVC

    A ASP.NET MVC and Windows Azure Platform:

  • Azure Service Platform , Windows Azure Platform and Azure Explorer
  • Enabling your machine for Azure development by installing the Azure SDK.
  • Creating a Visual Studio ASP.NET web project and deploy it to an Azure Website.
  • Making a change to the web project and redeploy the application
  • Using the Azure Management Portal to monitor and manage your website.
  • Basics of MVC and Entity Framework for model generation and mapping it to the SQL server.

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